We use the astronaut perspective from space to inspire people to solve the world’s greatest challenges.



We are a coalition of international astronauts from diverse backgrounds. After completing our missions in space, we have come together to begin a new mission to tell our stories and inspire social good. 

We are - Ron Garan, Nicole Stott, Leland Melvin and Anousheh Ansari.


We are inspired by the “Overview Effect”, a transformative experience of awe and wonder that astronauts have when looking at our beautiful home Planet Earth.

We share that profound shift in perspective because the world currently needs to be inspired to solve the greatest challenges we currently face.

When in space, we maintained the life support systems that kept us alive. This is analogous to the life support systems on planet Earth - our biosphere.

Our goal: through immersive storytelling experiences, we will connect and inspire action throughout the world in support of ‘Planetary Stewardship’.

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