Constellation is dedicated to inspiring positive action through the profound perspective shift experienced in space.


Our story.


Space travel is, by nature, profoundly collaborative. In space, the primary role of astronauts and space explorers is to ensure that life-support systems are functioning within limits so that all on board can safely and successfully complete their missions.

Now, on Earth, we must do exactly the same.

We have created Constellation, in order to continue the work of sharing our experience, inspiring awe and wonder in others, and connecting people from all regions and walks of life, so that our future–and the future of our planet–can be a manifestation of the reality we have all seen and experienced from space.


Our founding Astronauts - from left - Leland Melvin, Anousheh Ansari, Ron Garan, and Nicole Stott.


As the astronauts who have glimpsed our home planet from high above its surface have witnessed, the planet is not simply a place we inhabit.

From space, a more encompassing vision exists.

Seeing the Earth from space triggers a profound emotional experience of interconnection. The reality that all manifestations of life are bonded to one another becomes embodied in the vision of our breathtaking, iridescent planet suspended in the black vastness of space.


We have seen the Earth, as it is.

We have seen its beauty, majesty, and fragility firsthand. From low-Earth orbit, we have witnessed curtains of dancing auroras, seen vast swaths of the African continent, watched gleaming flickers of distant human cities, marveled at rolling aquamarine bodies of ocean, and been struck by the paper-thin atmosphere that wraps our Earth in its protective embrace.


We see the future, as it could be

This perspective proclaims our interdependence with each other and our planet, and emphasizes our need for profound long-term collaboration. We need to reimagine our human civilization and realign our systems of organization within the indisputable boundaries of our precious planet.


Our mission.


We are creating #2068, a world-wide movement inspiring a positive vision of the future where our planet is a bold and thriving home for all–inviting the people of Earth to imagine and create this future together.

A civilization that operates within planetary limits, in which all life flourishes.

Inspire all of humanity with the perspective shifts that astronauts experience in space so we can unite together to create the future of our shared planet.

To foster awe-inspiring experiences for all planetary citizens in order to create impactful systemic change for the future of our planet.

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Become a crewmate.


This important mission needs your support. We all have the ability to co-create a sustainable and an awe-inspired future. With your help, Constellation will spark this co-creation. More information about our programs and plans for 2019 will be announced.


We are fundraising for our 2019- programs, your donations go a long way to helping Constellation achieve its mission.