Founded by astronauts and creatives from around the world, Constellation is dedicated to inspiring positive action in students, decision-makers and the general public with the profound perspective shift experienced in space.



This is Earthrise.

It was taken on Dec 24th, 1968 by the astronauts of Apollo 8 and it was the first time in history our planet had ever been seen from this vantage point. It is a vision of awe and wonder, and one that has forever changed our perspective of our planet and our place in the universe.

In all of human history, only 560 people have seen the Earth from space and had the opportunity to experience what is commonly referred to as the Overview Effect.

Our founding Astronauts - from left - Leland Melvin, Anousheh Ansari, Ron Garan, and Nicole Stott.

We, the Astronauts of Constellation, are honored to be among that number.

During our time in space we have seen the true beauty and fragility of our home, and we have returned to Earth with a new perspective

A perspective that proclaims our interdependence with each other and our planet, and emphasizes our need for profound long-term collaboration between governments, communities, non-profits, enterprise, and artists.

This feeling of awe and wonder has, to date, only been experienced by those of us fortunate enough to travel into space.

We have seen the true beauty of our home.




The emerald waters of the Caribbean

potd_algeria_from__2581944k.jpg (1).jpg

The golden tans of Northern Africa



We are at an inflection point in human history.


Many possible paths lie before us. We need to nudge our trajectory toward a future where individuals, organizations and nations set aside differences and work together for the benefit of all of humanity.

We see a future where humanity and our economy prosper because all people have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

And a future where leaders and decision makers in all areas use the best data available to ensure that the long-term impacts of their decisions keep us on a positive trajectory.

We believe in the hope and promise of the first Earthrise.

In 2018, our mission at Constellation is to share this profound perspective shift with students and decision-makers across the world.

We have collaborated with creatives, combining art and science to develop an experience we call Earthrise, which will evoke the awe and wonder that we experienced in space.

Photo (c) Daily Overview

26 - The Empty Quarter.jpg



Our Earthrise program encompasses three core projects:

EARTHRISE - The 100 Year Journey: a live cinematic large format presentation featuring astronauts, taking us on a journey from 1968 to 2068. It will travel to universities, festivals and conferences around the world.

EARTHGAZE: a contemplative and collective Virtual Reality experience, accompanying the presentation, simulating the profound phenomena of seeing the planet from Earth orbit.

STARGAZE: an expedition into nature to gaze up into the Galaxy, with students and astronauts, and reframe our future from this vast perspective. 


These efforts will serve as the foundation from which profound collaborative tools and platforms will be built; tools from which we can develop lasting, systemic solutions to the seemingly intractable problems that we all face.

The Constellation programs will also unfold into a legacy program of university chapters which will connect and support students as they reimagine solutions for our shared future. 

Finally, as we look towards the solutions of the future, we will fund & support moonshot ideas that embody the values of Constellation and will change the trajectory of our civilization.


Join our mission.


This important mission needs your support. We all have the ability to co-create a sustainable and an awe-inspired future. With your help, Constellation will spark this co-creation. More information about our programs and plans for 2019 will be announced. Please consider joining our mailing list below for more information. We are also fundraising for our 2019- programs, your donations go a long way to helping Constellation achieve its mission.

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